The past and the present

The owner’s Grandfather Max Hörner bought the Rössle in 1964 and it has been the family’s number one passion ever since.
In 1965, the renovations began and it was only 2 years later when mother Renate and father Ernst Hörner opened the Rössle as the country inn that we know today. They were in charge of it until 1997. Since then, Marc Hörner has taken up running the Gasthof as Hörners Landgasthof and has been doing so with great passion ever since.


The Landgasthof Rössle

The exact building year of the main building is unknown. However, an interesting discovery was made when the building was renovated in 1956. A wooden panel covered in old writing symbols and marked as dating back to 1677 was found on the northern wall of today’s dining hall.


The panel and the building must have made it through Türkheim’s two disastrous fires in 1735 and 1871 together. We assume that the house was built in the 17th century.


Until about 1930, the Gasthof Zum Rössle included a brewery and a distillery.


1964 – Today

After the inn was altered to include a restaurant, the Rössle had 6 modernly furnished guest rooms and hot water. When mother Renate and father Ernst Hörner reopened the inn, Ernst Hörner’s time at sea came to an end.


With delicious international cuisine, the Rössle soon acquired an excellent reputation and guests from Stuttgart, Ulm and beyond came to the inn.


In 1997, their son Marc would take the lead. Extension, renovation, and modernization have always been part of Hörners Landgasthof – of course, always to offer our guests an even greater experience.


Biography of the Innkeeper

Marc Hörner, born 31 May 1974 in Geislingen /Steige

1990-1993: apprenticeship as a chef at the Hirsch in Gosbach
1993-1993: worked as a chef at the Krone in Bempflingen
1993-1994: worked as a chef on the holiday island Corsika
1994-1995: woked as a chef at the Traube in Tonbach
1994-1995: worked as a chef at the Wiesbacher Hof in Wiesbach/Pfalz
1995-1996: worked as a chef at the Kursaal in Bad-Cannstatt
1995-1996: worked as a chef on the cruise ship MS Hanseatic
1996-1997: worked as chef on the cruis ship MS Hanseatic
1997-1997: worked as a chef at the Bad Hotel Bad-Überkingen
1997- today: leads the Rössle

The innkeeper is happily married to his wife Bianca since 2003. Their daughter Fenja was born in the same year and is now the 4th generation of the Hörner family to become part of the Rössle’s history.